Experiments Joy Anandasivam April 14, 2006 Disc 1 138


Joy Anandasivam is a Montréal based guitarist and composer of multiple disciplines. His music mainly draws from two incredibly rich and different worlds, South Indian classical music, Carnatic and Jazz. His interpretation of Jazz through the eyes of Carnatic music and the adaptation of Carnatic music and its stylized embellishments on the guitar leads to the creation of a fusion of music which unveils the beauty and creativity of both.

He has performed all across Canada and internationally with musicians of diverse cultures and styles. Recipient of numerous awards and grants, he has been featured on CBC. Whatever the style from Jazz, Carnatic to the Techno based Urban Native Project, the thread that consistently prevails through out all his performances is his ingenuity and virtuosity. He continues to further his musical journey into uncharted territories exploring jazz, impressionist textures and his study of Carnatic music.